Three Reasons To Hire An Emergency Electrcian

Posted on: 16 December 2017

When it comes to home repairs, some jobs are often best left to professionals. When you experience electrical wiring issues in your home, a licensed  electrician can provide the services you need to keep your home and your family safe. Here are just some of the many issues an emergency electrician can provide.

Moisture Or Leaks Near Your Breaker Box

Depending on where your breaker box is situated, you may find that it can become exposed to leaks or other sources of moisture. This is particularly true if your breaker box is in your basement, where it may be damp or prone to flooding. Your electrician can safely shut off power to your home while repairing any damaged wiring and eliminating the source of leaks or moisture near the panel. IN some cases, he or she may replace your existing box with a waterproof design that can provide added protection in damp basements.

Overloaded Breakers

If your breakers keep switching off, you may have an issue with an overloaded breaker. Flipping the switch back and forth offers a short-term solution, but it won't fix the problem. Remember that the breakers will turn off to prevent shorts and stress on your wiring system, so having the power redistributed can help to keep your home safe. Overloaded breakers can be a result of running too many appliances on a single circuit, but there can be other reasons as well. Your electrician can diagnose the issue and make the necessary changes to ensure even power distributiion throughout the different circuits in the breaker box.

Loose Outlets

Loose outlets can pose a fire or shock hazard, and they should be addressed as soon as the problem is identified. If you notice a loose socket in the wall, do not plug any devices into it or any adjoining outlets. Contact your emergency electrician to re-install the outlets and look for other signs of trouble. In some cases, loose outlets can also be a sign of other damage, such as damaged wiring, caused by mice or other pests that have moved into your home's walls. Your electrician may be able to identify other sources of problems with your wiring system and provide additional work to get your home's electrical components back in safe working condition.

Look for a liensed electrician with experience in residential repairs to hand;e your electrical emergencies. You'll get the service you need to safely use your electronic devices and household appliances once again.