Building a New Custom Home? Electrical Information to Discuss

Posted on: 14 November 2016

When you start to build a custom home, you want to put a lot of thought into the electrical components that you have installed at the time of the build. Investing in the right materials can be rewarding over time. You can sit down with an electrical contractor to talk about the latest fixtures that will make your home safer, more efficient, and brighter.

You can get all the fixtures that you want in modern and stylish options but also have the fixtures made to make your home better. Talk with the contractor about the following options.

Efficient Ventilation Fans

When choosing fans for the property, you don't want traditional ceilings fans. Instead, you want efficient ventilation fans that do the following:

  • Scan and regulate the humidity levels in the living space
  • Have LED fanlight
  • Have variable fan settings

When choosing an efficient fan, you can lower electrical costs, help to push hot hair down in the winter, bring warm air out of the space in the summer, and improve air flow in your home.

Touch-Control Switches with Central Control

Touch-control switches allow you to touch the lights in each room on or off and to dim or brighten the lights by sliding your finger up or down the panel. Not only do you want touch-control lighting options, but you also want the lighting in the house to be controllable from one central place. This can be your smart phone or a main screen of the home control panel. The smart-phone option allows you to shut the lights off if you aren't home or to see what rooms have lights on when you are away.

Solar Lighting Choices

The electrical contractor can look at where your house will be, how much sunlight it will get, and how much power you can get by using electrical panels on the roof or side of the house. Using the sun could cut down your energy costs each month, and the panels are a great selling feature when you decide to list your house in the future, if that is needed.

Meeting with the electrical contractor such as Richardson Charles E Electric when you are building a home to talk about the latest and most efficient electrical options that are available for the house is important. You want to make sure that you are using appliances that will conserve energy and making all the right electrical decisions when you are building your own custom home.