Planning A Kitchen Renovation? Reasons To Consider Adding Some Recessed Lights

Posted on: 24 August 2016

Since the kitchen is usually the central destination where everybody gathers, you want to be sure that it's organized, open, and accessible. These things can easily be aided by adding the right lighting. In fact, you might even want to talk with your electrician about recessed lighting in the kitchen area. Before you make the decision, you should understand the benefits of recessed-style lights.

Ease of Installation

Recessed lights are easy to install. All you need to install those lights is a flat surface wider than the light diameter and access to wiring. That means that they are a valid option for sloped ceilings, vaulted ceilings, and walls.


Recessed lights are a great choice for versatile lighting. They can serve as ambient lighting when installed in high ceilings, but they can also be used for targeted lighting. You can add recessed lighting over the counters, above work spaces or even directly over cabinets. If you're looking to cast light on your kitchen island without reducing your overhead clearance, installing recessed lighting may be the answer.


Recessed lighting is easy to customize so that it fits whatever style you prefer. The trim on the outer edge is the only visible part of the fixture, and you can use any color, style, or design. If you want to enhance the light in the room, invest in reflective or mirrored trim. This will bounce light back into the space. If your home is more muted in style, consider wood-style trim instead.

You can also customize these lights by changing the bulbs. Most recessed light fixtures will accommodate many types of bulbs. Whether you're interested in LED lights for the cool light color they provide or compact fluorescent lights for the easy availability and long lifespan, you can use either one. If you opt for a compact fluorescent light, make sure that the fixtures aren't enclosed. Those bulbs can get hot, so you'll want to be sure that the fixtures stay open for ventilation.

By talking to your electrician, you can evaluate your home to find out if recessed lighting is a good fit for your place. He or she will inspect each room where you're thinking of placing them and ensure that the existing wiring and building construction will support the fixture placement. He or she may even be able to help you choose the bulbs that will work best to get you the look that you want.

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