Tips For Keeping You And Your Family Warm And Toasty This Winter

Posted on: 23 November 2015

Winter is almost here and also the cold temperatures come along with it. Just because it is cold outside, however, does not mean you and your family cannot stay warm and toasty inside your home. The five tips below will ensure all of you stay warm.

Radiant Floor Heating

If you install radiant floor heating in your home, your floor will feel nice and warm when you get out of bed and step onto your hardwood floors, when you walk into the bathroom onto your warm ceramic tiles, or when you walk into the kitchen on the warmed tile floor.

Two types of radiant floor heating systems are hydronic (heat via hot water tubes) or electric (heated via electric wires.) Electric heat systems may cost more to operate so they are ideal for heating only one room. Hydronic systems, because they do not use any electricity, cost less to operate, so they are ideal if you want radiant floor heating in your entire home.

The heat coming from the floor not only keeps your feet warm, but the heat radiates throughout each room from the ground up. Because this flooring keeps your home warmer, your HVAC unit will run less, which in turn saves you money on your energy bills.

Radiant floor heating systems are difficult to install so you should hire a contractor to install them for you.

Close the Curtains

The simple act of closing the curtains at night will keep your home warm, and you will also some money. This is because closing the curtains reduces heat loss from each room. If you use curtains that are heavily insulated, you save even more heat loss. Heavily insulated curtains may have a foam interlining with a heavyweight woven curtain over it.  Placing an insulated curtain over your back and front door will trap even more heat inside your home.

When purchasing these curtains, make sure they have a thermal lining. If it is not in your budget to buy new curtains, you can line them yourself with fleece.  These curtains work by trapping heated air between the two fabric layers.

There are many kinds of insulated curtains, such as classic curtains, side drawn shades, hobbled shades, and Roman shades. The outermost layer of fabric can be of any type or style so you can customize the curtains to match the décor in every room of your home.

Following these tips will keep you from having to be wrapped up in blankets all the time while inside your home.