3 Tips For Finding And Sealing Leaks Around Electrical Outlets

Posted on: 18 May 2015

You know to check around doors and windows for leaks, but did you know that electrical outlets can cause just as much of a leaking problem? During hot or cold weather, there are just enough gaps in your electrical outlets to make a big difference when it comes to heating and cooling your home. The good news is that there are plenty of things that you can do to locate the leaking outlets and to get them secured so they are no longer a problem.

Find the Leaks

Before you can do anything about them, you need to know where the leaks are. One of the easiest ways to hunt down leaks is to use a small flame. This trick works around doors and windows as well as around outlets. Take a lighter or a small candle and carefully hold it in front of the outlet. If the flame wavers, you probably have a leak. Take a small notepad with you so you can jot down the locations of the outlets that have potential leaks.

Insulate the Outlet

Now that you have an idea which outlets are likely leaking, it's time to insulate them. The least invasive way to do this is with an insulation gasket. This is a thin piece of insulation material that fits between the wall and the outlet cover. To install it, remove the cover from your outlet and set it aside. Now slip the insulation gasket into place over the outlet's opening and replace the cover. Now you have an insulating layer between the wall and the outlet cover that helps to greatly reduce any leaks.

Final Touches

Did you notice that most of the gaps got covered up by the outlet's insulation gasket? There's just one more spot in the outlet where air can leak in and out: the holes in the outlet itself. The easiest way to block air moving in and out of these holes is to put child proofing covers into the outlets. These covers have plastic prongs that slip into the holes and a cover that seals over all three outlet openings. Properly installed, these little covers keep any additional air from moving in or out of the outlet.

Before trying anything more invasive, contact an electrical contractor. He can help you to find out if there are more severe leaks happening in your outlets. He has the experience to help you solve the problem without risking damage to your home's electrical system. For more information, contact Attaboy Electric Service LLC or a similar company.