Electrical Layout Changes for Hardcore and Professional Gamers

Posted on: 28 April 2015

With video game consoles from multiple companies, computers with demanding components and more games than most people could consider playing within a year, the enthusiastic gaming hobbyist and the professional gamer have a lot of work to do just to stay current. Increasing power demands, Internet issues, and the ever-growing terror of not having enough electrical sockets can slow down your fun and send your online gaming business down the drain. Before you consider renting office space just to play games for a living, consider a few ways that a residential electrician can turn your home into the gaming powerhouse you need.

Why Does Electrical Layout Matter for Gamers?

Single gaming consoles or basic computers don't have a lot of electrical needs. You'll use two or three plugs at most for the system, the display, and possibly a sound system. For people who need to have the best visual and audio sequence while sharing the experience with others, much bigger electrical demands come into play.

When you have a lot of devices connected to only a few electrical outlets, you put additional stress on a specific set of wires in the walls of your building. Especially in older buildings, you may have one or two electrical supply lines that could critically overheat and begin to break apart over time. As brittle wires barely touch and eventually separate through different times of the year, power loss can ruin your progress.

An electrician can help by not only adding more wall outlets, but by dividing the electrical circuits. More wire paths means spreading out the electrical burden and reducing the likelihood of a single set of wires overheating just because you have a computer, television, and a few gaming consoles on at the same time. 

Make Internet Connectivity More Simple

Connecting to the Internet is another mess of wires, especially if you must use a wired connection instead of wireless Internet. Instead of dragging long network cables that could be tripped over or pulled up during cleaning, an electrician can make connecting a lot easier.

While upgrading your electrical wiring, an electrician can run your network cables through the walls as well. This usually means less distance traveled and less cable being used, which means a slightly faster connection due to reduced travel time. You simply connect the computer to the Internet-capable wall socket and get back to the game in whatever room you choose.

Be careful when attempting to route the Internet cables on your own. Network cables such as Ethernet cables may contain shielding materials that are toxic when burned. Some electrical wires operate at normal temperature that are warm enough to create a slow burn if the Ethernet cables are touching them, which can make residents sick and may be difficult to pinpoint later.

Allow a residential electrical services professional like Alpine Electrical Construction LLC to handle to job to make sure your gaming connections are consistent, powerful, and safe.