3 Tips For Home Electrical Safety And Efficiency

Posted on: 22 April 2015

To get the best utility performance out of your home, you'll need to be sure that you are able to keep up with your electrical work. The main keys include mastering safe electrical use to prevent hazards and to keep your electrical appliances in excellent condition. Grasping these important tips will help you manage your use of electricity and invest in your home as a whole. To learn more about these home electrical maintenance and safety tips, read this guide. 

#1: Keep Electrical Fire Extinguishers Handy

Above all, you need to know that you are able to remain safe in your home by keeping your electrical hazards at bay. The main point of this thought process is to have a safety plan in place. Make sure that you have electrical fire extinguishers in your home, as liquid will only cause these fires to expand. You should train everyone in your home on how to use them. To use these fire extinguishers, you must take out the safety pin, aim it at the fire's base, use your hand to squeeze the trigger and spray the stream back and forth in a sweeping hand motion. 

#2: Manage The Little Things Around Your Home 

Managing and fixing small problems before they become bigger issues is a huge staple to avoid electrical problems in your home. Make sure that you always maintain your electrical cords and replace them if wires are frayed. Never run these cords underneath carpets, as they will only get trampled and damaged. Install outlets with tamper resistance if you have kids and want to be sure that they are protected from electrical shock. You should also locate your circuit breaker and become familiar with it, in order to shut off outlets whenever you need to. 

#3: Get An Electrical Inspection Or Audit In Your Home

If you want to get the best electrical use in your home, you'll need to hire an electrician such as D & D Electric Enterprises, Inc. to keep your fixtures in order. Something as simple as having an electrician inspect your home once per year can help you make the necessary repairs and get the absolute most out of your appliances and utilities. Having these repair professionals on hand will let you save money when possible and keep your home as safe as possible. 

Take advantage of these electrical tips and your home and electrical use will be much better off for it.